UFF – Briefly in English

U-landshjälp från Folk till Folk i Finland sr (UFF) is a non-governmental organization, founded in 1987. The aim of UFF is to provide equal opportunities to all, reduce poverty and impacts of climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa and India. The foundation collects funds for development cooperation by selling second hand clothes, which are sold either through wholesale or in the shops owned by the foundation. Some of the clothes are also donated to partner organizations in Africa. 

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 UFF clothes collection

UFF collects used clothes in yellow, grey and dark green containers in Finland. Donations can also be left at UFF’s shops. In 2018, UFF Finland collected and recycled over 14 and a half million kilos of clothes.

It is important that the donated clothes are packed in closed plastic bags when put into the containers so that the clothes do not get wet or dirty. Please donate only re-usable and clean clothes, shoes and home textiles. Permanently stained, totally worn out or broken clothes or shoes should not be put in the containers.

In here you can find the location of the containers on a map.

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The collected clothes are sorted at the UFF sorting centre in Klaukkala, Nurmijärvi. Clothes, shoes and textiles are separated into approximately ten different categories, according to their subsequent use.

A significant amount of clothes recycled in Finland comprise of winter clothes. These clothes are mainly sold wholesale to other European countries and the profit is used to finance UFF’s development cooperation projects. Wholesale is an important source of income for UFF, because financial donations suit the development projects better than second hand clothes donations would.

Wholesale also creates employment in Europe. To give an example, a large amount of the winter clothes donated to UFF are sold to Russian and Estonian wholesale buyers.

For any inquires regarding wholesale, please contact our Sorting Center:
wholesale@uff.fi / sortingcenter@uff.fi
+358 (0)9 2764 7664

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UFF Shops

UFF Finland runs 20 second hand shops in the largest cities in Finland: 12 in Helsinki, two in Tampere, two in Espoo, Hyvinkää, Jyväskylä, Turku and Vantaa.

The purpose of the shops is to finance the clothes collection and sorting and to generate funds for development aid projects in Africa and in India. The shops are also an important channel for distributing information to Finnish consumers about development projects.

UFF Second Hand Shops are known for their high quality and fashionable selection, clear displays and friendly service. UFF’s registered customers receive a newsletter twice a year, and get special offers. Customers shopping in UFF’s second hand shops are supporting development cooperation and work for environmental protection at the same time.

In here you can find the location of UFF shops on map.

 Development cooperation

UFF is a member of the Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement (Humana People to People), a network of 32 non-profit aid organizations from 43 countries in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In 2018, UFF Finland supported approximately 30 development projects in Congo, India, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia. UFF’s development cooperation focuses on ”3 Es”, namely 1) Education, 2) Environmentally Sustainable Development and 3) Economic Development.

The funds are collected by selling recycled clothes, through private donations and public grants. For many years the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been the largest external supporter for UFF’s projects. In recent years, UFF’s projects have also received funding from the European Commission.

 UFF development cooperation includes the following projects:

  • Teachers Training Colleges
  • Vocational Schools
  • Street Children Schools
  •  A Teacher Training University
  • Farmers’ Clubs
  • Green Action Community Development Programmes
  • Child Aid Programmes